MIGHTYDUTY Car Wash Foam Spray Cans



MIGHTYDUTY Car Wash Foam Spray Cans, High-Pressure PA Spray Cans, Large Capacity, Easy to Use, Nozzle Angle Can Be Adjusted, Special Car Beauty Accessories

  • Easy to use: just fill the soap bottle, click the existing high-pressure spray can or trigger, adjust the knob to achieve the desired foam angle level, and then spray!
  • Very suitable for car washing: the car is sprayed with a lot of soapy water to ensure that all dirt, bugs, dirt, tree sap, dust and other pollutants brought by the road are removed before they are removed. Professional accessories and accessories for people who like cars.
  • The best quality spray bottle: upgraded engineering plastic, thick design, sturdiness, durability, impact resistance, seamless bottom, leakproof, you don’t need to worry about water leakage.
  • Spray bottle capacity: 35oz, about 1L, super large capacity design can make car washing more convenient, high pressure foam design can make the car cleaner
  • Arbitrary adjustment: The nozzle design can adjust the foam thickness arbitrarily, which saves foam for you and reduces the cost of car washing


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