ABN Deluxe Antifreeze and Coolant Tester



ABN Deluxe Antifreeze and Coolant Tester Hydrometer Tester – Automotive Antifreeze Tester for Ethylene Glycol Coolant


  • EFFORTLESSLY TEST YOUR ANTI FREEZE MIXTURE: Antifreeze, also known as coolant, is designed to prevent water from freezing up in cold climates and to prevent your engine from overheating which can cause mechanical breakdowns and engine failure; Avoid these issues by testing your coolant mixture with the ABN Deluxe Car Antifreeze Coolant Test Kit
  • BUILT TO LAST: Constructed of premium plastic and rubber materials, this antifreeze tester is designed to easily test freezing and boiling temperatures of your coolant to water solutions; The large rubber bulb and 5.5-inch (14 cm) rubber tube makes it easy to suck liquid into the small plastic reservoir; Easy to read stickers allow you to test the solution and provides instructions; Flush out with water after each use for accurate readings
  • CLEAR TESTER FOR VISUAL INSPECTION: As a bonus, the clear reservoir allows you to inspect the condition of the antifreeze in your vehicle; Easily inspect color and for any rust, sludge, or other sediments
  • EASY TO READ HYDROMETER SCALE: The clear capsule contains sensitive pointers that measure the freezing and boiling points of the liquid in both Celsius and Fahrenheit; These pointers are easier to read than standard coolant test strips because you do not need to focus on the color or PH balance to understand the freeze and boiling points of your solution; One side of the tester is labeled with freeze point scale while the other side is labeled with boiling point scale
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL ETHYLENE GLYCOL ANITFREEZE: Works with all ethylene glycol coolants including GM Dex-Cool; This tester provides immediate results on the freezing and boiling points of your coolant to water mixture; Use vehicle manual and geological location to decide on the best ratio for your vehicle


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